Crumbles, 2019
IKEA lamp, modroc, acrylic paint, trimming, battery-operated lightbulb, A5 handout, uncooked crumble, metal stool and vinyl text.
Dimensions variable
With Adelaida Antúnez Egurbide and Alfie Gibbs.

Illuminated by a lamp, a handout story recounts a mother’s recipe for crumble as a type of spell-casting. The process is secretive, involving fairy-tale quantities of fruit, unruly amounts of sugar and a topping covertly made. Snaking out of sight from the installation, vinyl text extracts of the story narrate the recipes secret steps. Installed collaboratively with Adelaida Antúnez Egurbide and Alfie Gibbs, the installation displays their film mousehouse, on pause. Drawn proposals of their future work lie under a candle, as secretive glimpses. An uncooked, uneaten crumble rests under a stool; a crumble for the future.
Story available upon request.